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We are your engineering and design partner when it comes to developing your product as well as running small and once-off orders. With our own internal tool room, metal presses and cnc wire forming machines, Capewell is able to handle all aspects of manufacturing; including metal forming, heat treatment as well as electro-plating.

Capewell customers’ exact requirements are always delivered thanks to our experience, technical know-how and quality management system. We have a proven track record as a major supplier to various industries including automotive, electrical, construction, agricultural and textile industries, to name a few.

We also produce:

  • Tool Room
  • Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Metal Presses
  • CNC Wire Forming
  • Heat Treatment
  • Jobbing
  • Wire Straightening
  • Quality/Measuring
  • Electro Plating
  • Grinding
  • Tumbling

We also undertake:

Metal Pressings/Stamping

  • Metal Clips
  • Wheel weight clips
  • Battery Terminals
  • Lawnmower Blades

Strip Springs

  • Roll Springs
  • Constant Force Springs
  • Power Springs
  • Shelf Pushers

Wire Springs

  • Compression Springs
  • Tension Springs
  • Torsion Springs
  • Wire Forms
  • Brick-cutting Wires
  • Underwires (underwear and swimwear)

Capewell Springs and Metal Pressings



PO Box 593, Eppingdust, 7475 Unit B3, 99B Bofors Circle, Epping 2 7460 South Africa


+ 27 (0)21 505 9400

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