Hagens Fjedre A/S
Spring Manufacturer
     Hagensvej 13, 9530 Støvring, Denmark
     +45 (0) 98371444

Company Profile

Hagens Spring Group produces all types of springs and spring solutions. With its innovation and high service level, Hagens Spring Group has developed since 1945 into being one of the leading producers of specialised springs based on international standards. We are a global supplier of springs tailored to customer specifications. We guarantee products of the highest quality at competitive prices.
As a bespoke manufacturer, Hagens Spring Group puts the needs and requirements of its customers first. We emphasize a close relationship and partnership with our customers, so that together we can develop the right spring solutions based on the customers technical instructions and specifications. Our engineers, technicians and sales people are always ready to offer qualified consultation, and you always gain by contacting Hagens Spring Group. Hagens Spring Group employs around 200 employees.
Specialized springs are our standard – welcome to the Hagens Spring Group.

We Produce

  • Disc springs   
  • Pick-up tines   
  • Die springs   
  • Wire components   
  • Compression springs 0,2 – 25 mm   
  • Extensions springs 0,3 – 25 mm   
  • Torsion springs 0,2 – 25 mm   
  • Harvester tines up to 22 mm
  • Clips

We Also Undertake

Spring Design Services, Custom Work