Pyromaitre Inc.
Machine Supplier
     1081 Chemin Industriel. Levis, Quebec G7A, Canada

Company Profile

Pyromaitre is a designer and manufacturer of industrial ovens. With more than 30 years of experience, we have developed a world-renowned expertise in high-speed Stress relief and tempering. Pyromaitre uses technology based on the Larsen Miller and Hollomon-Jaffe parameters. Pyromaitre’s industrial ovens can now achieve the same results in minutes compared to hours required with standard methods. Using precision speed controls and temperature uniformity, Pyromaitre ovens can cut cycle time up to 10 times and reduces rejected parts by up to 98%. Parts that previously stayed in the oven for hours are now heat treated in minutes, resulting in a significant reduction in required time and floor space by up to 70%. The reduction in size of floor space also translates into:
  • Increased production as heat treatment is no longer a bottleneck
  • Shorter pre-heat time, facilitating production start-up and increasing   flexibility
  • Up to 25 % savings in energy cost  
Moreover, the reliability of our ovens is well known and backed by the best  warranty on the market. When we demonstrate to our customers these efficiency advantages, it becomes rapidly obvious why Pyromaitre is the best choice in heat treating ovens.