Rugócenter Kft
Spring Manufacturer
     H-2768 Újszilvás, Széchenyi u. 16 Hungary
     +36 (0) 30 998 6544

Company Profile

Rugócenter Kft. in Hungary is producing springs mainly for the   agricultural machinery industry, electronics and household appliances for domestic and export markets. 
Among our customers there are Hungarian affiliates of noted multinational companies, spare parts wholesalers, distributors and farmers. Founded in 1982 as a family enterprise with only 2 people now we employ 30. The annual income is increasing dynamically year by year.
The reliability of the quality assurance system has been proved by the ISO 9001 certificate since 2005. In order to meet the continuously increasing customer requirements we especially take care not only of choosing our suppliers but also of agreed   deadlines, product quality and prices.
The company fulfils orders in smaller and bigger quantities as well as individual requests.
We are open to new business connections due to our professional knowledge   and applied production technologies.

We Produce

Wire Types
  • Patentend Carbon Steel 0,25mm – 16mm
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Other wire types are also possible
Spring Types
  • Compression Springs 0.25mm – 16mm
  • Extension Springs 0.25mm – 16mm
  • Torsion Springs 0.4 mm – 16mm
  • Double Torsion Springs 0.4mm –  0mm
  • 2D and 3D Bended Wire parts 0,4 mm – 12mm

We Also Undertake

Spring Design Services, Custom Work