Vernier Springs & Pressings Ltd
Spring Manufacturer
     Edward Street, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 6HA, United Kingdom
     +44 (0) 1527 582 955

Company Profile

The Vernier Springs & Pressings company of Redditch has established itself as a market leader, with enviable reputation for precision and reliability ever since commencing spring and pressing manufacture in 1957.
Through an ongoing programme of investment in high technology production and testing equipment we can offer you savings of typically 25% on your current spring and presswork range.
We can reduce lead times and improve on delivery performance into your company through the use of our fully integrated manufacturing system which controls all activities from quotation through to despatch. Vernier currently deliver parts into Europe, India, China and the USA, on time, every time.

We Produce

  • Carbon Steel 0.2mm to 10mm
  • Stainless Steel 0.2mm to 10mm
  • Non-ferrous 0.2mm to 10mm
  • Compression springs 0.2mm to 10mm
  • Torsion Springs 0.2mm to 10mm
  • Wire Forms 0.2mm to 10mm

We Also Undertake

Spring Design Services, Spring Testing Services, Custom Work