Version 2.6.0 adds new materials data and functionality to Spring Calculator Professional

The second release under our twice-yearly schedule introduces some exciting new data and functionality, which will also build towards future improvements.

Aerospace Data

Aerospace materials fatigue data has been added to the materials data available within SCP.

Enterprise Server

This new feature allows SCP to use the Microsoft’s industry-standard enterprise database solution, SQL Server, to provide centralised storage of spring designs.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

General updates and bugfixes – you can read more about these here:

New features to allow you to work smarter

Aerospace fatigue and relaxation data

Based on a research project conducted at IST a few years ago, we are adding fatigue and relaxation data for the following material grades (a mixture of new materials and adding data to existing ones):

  • Inconel alloy 718 to AMS 5962
  • Inconel alloy X-750 (aged grade)
  • Titanium Beta C to AMS 4957
  • Titanium 6-4 to AMS 4928
  • Nimonic 90 to BS 3075 (HR 501)
  • Nimonic 90 to BS 3075 (HR 502)
  • Nimonic 90 BS HR 501
  • Nimonic 90 BS HR 502
  • Monel K500 to BS 3075
  • Monel K500 to AMS 4676
  • MP35N
  • Hastelloy C276

Important note: this data was generated using a smaller number of test springs than for the general fatigue data we provide. Because of this, it is likely to be overly conservative, and should be confirmed by testing of the actual springs and working conditions required.

SCP Enterprise Server

As SCP continues to be used in more and more large companies around the world, there has been an increasing demand for centralised, server-based functionality. The SCP Enterprise Server is aimed at this market. In this initial release, the focus is on server-hosted spring design databases, which should provide better performance and stability, especially when working remotely. It also provides user-based permissions, to control access to your designs.

Future releases will include centralised configuration of SCP, vastly reducing the rollout time to new users, and full design revision control.

How do I get this upgrade?

This new version is available free of charge to anyone with an active support and maintenance contract. You should be prompted when it’s available, and the download and update process is quick and easy.

If you use a floating licence server, you should only need to update the SCP software itself on each user’s desktop.

If you get a message saying that a new version is available but you don’t have maintenance, get in touch at to check your maintenance status and discuss getting back on board.