Online Learning

We are passionate about educating the spring industry, so we’ve created a range of resources to help promote our industry.

Educating the world about springs!

From our experience of getting out and talking to our members, we’ve found there are two issues we see occurring over and over again. One of these is the basic understanding and appreciation of how important springs are to all our lives, and the other is the growing gaps in skills and experience in our industry.

So we set out to invest in the creation of a number of resources. Firstly, we commissioned a series of bite-sized short videos to both raise interest and awareness, and explain some of the topics around springs – both technical and not. Secondly, we are busy writing e-learning modules to complement our existing training courses, so that those who cannot find the time or money to attend a full course can learn about individual topics.

Bite-sized videos

These free videos cover a variety of topics including: spring materials, spring design, testing and failure investigation.

Laptop showing the IST youtube channel, highlighting educational bite-sized videos about springs.


This self paced e-learning module gives you the basic understanding and knowledge in designing a compression spring. The course can be taken at anytime, anywhere that fits in with your busy schedule. It is ideal for spring manufacturers, design engineers and spring end users.