Spring Calculator Professional is for calculating safe and effective springs day in day out. It is the world’s smartest spring calculator software packed with data.

SCP is based on over seven decades of research in our testing labs to give you a wide range of real-life fatigue cycle life and relaxation predictions.

See parameters, operating data, calculated data and stress data at a glance. Make quick changes to instantly see their effects.

Spring Calculator Professional lets you design compression, extension, torsion, conical, rectangular wire and non-standard springs. 

What Our Customers Love About SCP

Backed by Real-World Data

​Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) is based on over seven decades of real-world research in our testing labs, giving you access to a wide range of fatigue cycle life and relaxation predictions.

Unbeatable Choice

We have integrated a huge range of international standards – including BS, DIN, EN, SMI, IS and JIS.  As well as wire and strip data available to BS, DIN, EN, ASTM, AMS, IS and JIS specifications. Commercial grades are also available.

Fully Flexible

Choose from the most popular spring types: compression, extension, torsion, conical, rectangular wire and non-standard. Pay only for the ones you need and not the ones you don’t.

Adaptable and Insightful

Define your own units and adjust the interface to your needs.  Modify output files to match your company’s style and export to Word, Excel, CSV or Text file. Gain valuable business insights through our Data Reporting tool. 

Who is SCP for?

Spring Calculator Professional is for anyone involved in the spring making process from design to manufacture.  It is used extensively across the globe by spring manufacturers and design engineers in the following areas:

  • Automotive, transport and aerospace

  • Oil, gas, energy and defence

  • Equipment, heavy machinery and agriculture

  • Medical equipment

  • Control systems, valves and hydraulics

The World’s Smartest Spring Design Software

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Get access to all six spring types including compression, extension, torsion, non-standard, rectangular wire and conical, plus all fatigue data, material data and design standards.


Design Safe and Efficient Springs Everyday

Material Data

Material Data

What really makes Spring Calculator Professional powerful is access to the data gathered in our testing labs. With this data you can predict the behaviour of your spring over time, in terms of fatigue cycle life and relaxation estimations.

Stress Animations

Stress Animations

When it comes to non-standard and conical compression springs, simply select the two additional animation display modes. Easily identify active coils, stress points and pain points to improve.

Easily Visualise Complex Springs

Easily Visualise Complex Springs

3D drawings give a realistic visualisation of your spring. You can animate between any two operating positions to help understand how the spring behaves – particularly useful for compression springs of non-standard shapes where coils contact and become inactive.
Non-Standard Visual Editor

Non-Standard Visual Editor

It can take a lot of trial-and-error to design a non-standard compression spring. The visual editor minimises this by allowing you to drag around the shape of the spring, seeing the effects on its shape and load-deflection characteristics in real-time.

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SCP For Desktop

SCP for desktop is made for design engineers, spring manufacturers and end users of springs

SCP for Desktop

  • Ideal for design engineers, spring manufacturers and end users of springs
  • Flexible licence options: licences for single users or teams
  • Build a tailored software package: pay for only the spring types you need
  • Free maintenance for the first year: get automatic updates and full technical support

You’ll need a PC that runs Windows 8.1 or higher to use our software. Got a Mac? Talk to us about your options.