The data driven solution to spring design and validation

Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) is a powerful spring design and validation tool with seven decades of research, relaxation predictions and fatigue data right at its core. Giving you the control and flexibility to design safer and more efficient springs day in, day out.

Why Do Our Customers Love SCP?

Highlight problems in your design before it hits production

Extensive materials data and standards at your fingertips

Relaxation predictions and fatigue data package built in

Easily conceptualise your spring with 3D modelling

For Real-World Applications

Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) is the design engineers choice for easily evaluating the impact of changes in materials, design standards and parameters. Work with real-world constraints like limited space to hone your design and see how it will perform – ideal for springs used in valves, actuators, hydraulics and control system.

Why Choose Spring Calculator Professional?

It’s the world’s smartest spring design and validation software, forecasting spring life and performance with over 70 years of real-world fatigue data, research and relaxation predictions built at its core. Written by spring experts so you can be confident your spring will work as expected.

SCP in a Nutshell

Precision and Performance

Precision is key to designing a high performance spring; typically manufactured from material with the tightest tolerances and  highest strengths. They are optimised in many ways compared to a typical parallel sided, constant pitch springs. SCP can help you reach these tolerances and understand their behaviour under the toughest of conditions.

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Get access to all six spring types including, compression, extension, torsion, non-standard, rectangular wire and conical, plus all fatigue data, material data and design standards.