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We give technical support and guidance to over 200 organisations in our worldwide membership network. Open to anyone in the spring supply chain; our dedicated team work with springs day in day out giving unparalleled experience and knowledge of springs that no one else can offer.

Why Become a Member?

Whether you need independent advice with a spring design or material choice, want to take advantage of our great discounts, access reports, publications and articles, need impartial services to support your customers or all of these things! We are here to help your business make safe and reliable springs. 

What Are The Benefits of Membership?

Access to over 350 research reports covering: spring technology, spring materials, spring design, spring manufacture and testing

Discounted rates for our software, routine spring / non-spring testing services, technical consultancy, shot peening and specialist training courses

Technical help via email and telephone accessing specialist expertise from our in-house metallurgist

Company representation and support for ISO/CEN/BSI standards meetings/audits or work groups

Access to our global database covering published technical, trade and specification literature

Opportunity to be included in our global newsletter, The Review

Online entry to our membership directory

IST publications and articles

Access to members only website

Who is Eligible for Membership?

We represent and support 228 organisations globally from every aspects of the spring supply chain, including material suppliers, spring manufacturers, machine suppliers and end users of springs.  To join our membership click here.

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Membership fees are payable annually and are dependent on the type of company you are;  we offer group membership schemes.  If you are interested or would like to know more please leave your details below: