Safe and efficient design at the click of a button

Material Data

What really makes Spring Calculator Professional powerful is access to the data gathered in our testing labs. With this data you can predict the behaviour of your spring over time, in terms of fatigue cycle life and relaxation estimations.

Non-standard Visual Editor

It can take a lot of trial-and-error to design a non-standard compression spring. The visual editor minimises this by allowing you to drag around the shape of the spring, seeing the effects on its shape and load-deflection characteristics in real-time.

Easily Visualise Complex Springs
3D drawings give a realistic visualisation of your spring. You can animate between any two operating positions to help understand how the spring behaves – particularly useful for compression springs of non-standard shapes where coils contact and become inactive.


Stress Animations
For non-standard and conical compression springs, you can select two additional animation display modes: see which coils are active/inactive, or see how stress varies along the spring – useful to identify “hot spots” in the design where changes need to be made.

Advanced Options

Spring Calculator Professional allows you to go beyond simple springs, for example design extension springs with pitch and dead coils, open coiled as well as double torsion springs.

Material Grades

There are more than 300 material grades included, covering many specifications from all over the world. This includes BS, EN, JIS, ASTM, ISO and others.

Spring Views

Click and drag to see your spring at any angle, toggle dimensions and other options and for complete customisation change the colour of your spring!

Global Standards

Wherever you, or your customer, are in the world design to the right standard.

Define Your Own Units

By default you have the choice of metric and imperial (English) units. But you can mix and match these however you want!


Export to Word, Excel and CSV – Set up template files, and populate them with whatever data you choose.