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SCP Purchase FAQs

Buying SCP

  • Do you accept credit card payments?

    Yes, we accept both credit card and debit card payments.

  • Do you accept Amex card payments?
    Unfortunately, no. Our payment facilities do not allow us to accept Amex payments

  • Can I spread the cost of Spring Calculator Professional?
    Yes! If necessary we can offer a three month payment plan to help you spread the cost.

  • What is 'Maintenance'?
    Maintenance gives you unlimited technical support via phone and email, as well as all SCP updates for as long as you keep it going.

    It is charged yearly at 15% of your package cost, but is free and included for the first year.

    We highly recommend keeping your maintenance going after this period as it entitles you to both support with the software, any issues that may arise and ongoing help when designing springs.

    If you choose to opt out of maintenance after the first year and find yourself needing support or wanting software updates, you can always opt back in at any time. Please contact us.

  • How is my quote calculated?
    Your price is based on which springs types, licence type and amount of users you choose.

    As each spring type is a separate module, this ensures you are not paying more than necessary.