There are two types of SCP Licence – a Fixed Licence, where the software can only be installed on a specific computer, and a Floating Licence, which allows the software to be installed on multiple computers but only used concurrently on a number of computers set by your licence. For example, if you have two seat Floating Licence, you can install the software on as many computers as you like, but it will only be available for use on two of those computers simultaneously.

The management of the Floating Licence is carried out by a piece of software called a Licence Server.  A licence server is essential for all installations of SCP that use a Floating Licence.  A licence server is NOT required for a Fixed Licence installation of SCP.  There are three ways in which this can be installed:

  1. The licence server can be installed on a desktop computer alongside an installation of the main SCP software.
  2. The licence server can be installed on a Windows server machine or on a desktop machine that is not running SCP.
  3. We can, for a small fee, host a licence server for you on our servers.  If you wish to pursue this option, please get in touch.

However you install your Licence server, it must be available via a network connection.

Click here for full instructions on installing a Licence Server.