What’s The Difference?

Spring Calculator Professional v1 and v2


Both versions 1 and 2 of Spring Calculator Professional feature Compression, Extension, Torsion, Conical, Rectangular and Non-Standard spring types.

A full list of features can be found below:


SCP v1

SCP v2

Integrated fatigue data and materials performance data for spring life predictions

295 Material grades

Global design standards including: BS, DIN, EN, IS, JIS, SMI

Exports to Word, Excel and CSV 

Stress animations for non-standard and conical springs 

3D spring drawings and animations for visualising complex springs

Customise calculated data outputs

Data reporting tool - get business insights like wire types and trends over time

Customisable printouts - produce outputs to your in-house style

Define your own units

Advanced spring design options: Open-coiled extension springs with dead coils, open coiled and double torsion springs

Updated User Interface

Non-standard springs visual editor


Spring Calculator Professional v2 was a major upgrade released in 2019. Its purpose is to fully utilise the latest in programming technology and security to ensure its longevity and offer features we otherwise would not be able to.

Since its launch we have continually developed SCP v2 by adding features that make the software easier to use and an asset to all design engineers, spring manufacturers and end users. 

If you are using SCP v1 we highly recommend upgrading today.  Although we are still supporting v1 it will eventually be phased out. We will only provide support for licensing issues or anyone using the disc and spiral spring modules until they are added into SCP v2.

For information on how to upgrade please contact us.

Release History

  • 2019: Spring Calculator Professional v2
  • 2011: Spring Calculator Professional Released
  • 2008: Version 7.5
  • 2001: Version 7
  • 1999: Version 6
  • 1997: Version 5
  • 1988: Version 3.1