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Exporting a 3D Spring Model to Word in Spring Calculator Professional

Published: 4 Feb, 2021

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Spring Calculator Professional (SCP) has some really great tools like being able to export 3D models right into Word, really handy if you need to help someone visualise a spring who doesn’t have SCP.

You can click to play the video or read our step-by-step guide below.

Exporting your spring

  1. Once you have calculated your spring, choose ‘Spring Drawing’ from the top options bar
  2. From the ‘Spring Drawing’ window click ‘Export Model’
  3. The pop-up will allow you to select which length to export, we left ours at ‘Free Length’
  4. From the ‘Export Format’ dropdown select obj and click ‘Export’
  5. Choose a location to save your file
  6. Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Export Status’ window
  7. Open a Word document
  8. From the ‘Insert’ tab on the ribbon, click ‘3D Models’ and ‘From a file…’
  9. Locate the obj file you saved earlier and click ‘Insert’
  10. The spring model will appear in your file
  11. Click and drag the rotate icon to view the spring at any angle, you can also resize the spring by dragging the corner handles
  12. Great! you’ve imported your 3D model into word.

If you have any questions about this guide, please email help@ist.org.uk.

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