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Dr Conor McCaughey
Research Project: Predicting the Life of Inconel X750

Published: 7 January 2021

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Who can take part: Members

Deadline to join: 28 July, 2021


Benefits: Access to project reports

As we strive to improve our service and support to our members, IST has been looking into increasing the scope of the predictive data in our design software, Spring Calculator Professional. 

One regular request is the addition of more fatigue and relaxation data for specific materials. Therefore, the decision has been made to significantly increase the number of alloys we have predictive data for, focusing on nickel and cobalt-based alloys and starting with Spring Tempered Inconel X750

As all the data we use to predict the life of a spring design is based on actual test data produced in our laboratory, we require spring manufacturers with experience in coiling Inconel X750 to manufacture test springs for this project.

As well as coiling the springs, we need them to be heat treated to the aged and/or triple-heat-treated condition. We have already secured the wire in two sizes, 1.0 mm and 2.5 mm diameter, provided by Alloy Wire, and developed two compression spring designs for testing.

If you can help IST with this research, please contact Conor McCaughey ( before w/e 9th July.

This is the first alloy within a larger project, and over the coming months, we will look for more manufacturers to help with this project and produce more springs in varying materials.

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Written by Dr Conor McCaughey

Dr Conor McCaughey has been working for The Institute of Spring Technology since 2017. He has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and post-graduate studies in the Advanced Metallic Systems CDT. Conor is our Research Metallurgist with an exceptional knowledge of materials and is technical liaison to all of our Members.

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