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Brand New Module Released; Non-standard Springs are Here

Published: 8 Jan, 2020

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As many of you know back in August 2019 we released the completely rewritten Spring Calculator Professional (SCP). Since the launch of SCP Version 2 our software team have been working hard to add all the spring types you know and love from the original version. Today we are very happy to announce the biggest addition yet in the Non-standard spring type.

You’ll still find the software packed with material and design standards including BS, DIN, EN, SMI, IS and JIS; wire and strip data available to BS, DIN, EN, ASTM, AMS, IS and JIS specifications, as well as selected commercial grades. Written right into the software is an extensive range of material performance data and fatigue life and relaxation predictions.

We have over 70 years of unparalleled research in the field of springs and spring technology; combining all this knowledge into SCP means you are able to design springs which are safe and reliable under real-world constraints, making this the most powerful spring design software world-wide.

Non-Standard Springs Visual Editor

The interface has be updated making it highly user-friendly as well as customisable with options to add your company’s logo and details to reports, export data to poplar formats such as Word, Excel, CSV and text files. We’ve also added the ability to define your own units giving you complete control over your setup. There’s a new business insight tool too; discover your most used materials, sizes and standards – look for trends over time to help you make informed decisions.

The next spring types to be added to version 2 are Conical and Rectangular Wire, expected to be launched in time for Wire Dusseldorf at the end of March 2020.

To demo our software, download a 7 day fully functioning trial here.

We’ve also created a series of videos, which can be found on our YouTube Channel. Please explore these to see if Spring Calculator Professional is right for you and get in touch if you have any questions.

Contact: holly@ist.org.uk

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