Research Reports

Temporary corrosion protection

Clock spring fatigue testing machine

Titanium 314A wire and springs. The static and dynamic properties of 314A titanium shot peened wire and springs. A design comparison of cold drawn 314A and aged titanium with En 49D and En58A wires as materials for springs.

The static and dynamic properties of springs made from a continental oil-hardened and tempered spring steel wire

An investigation into the effect of shot size in shot peening

Investigation into preset tooling for an automatic spring coiling machine

The Spring Research Association Research Programme 1972

The effect of shot peening on the fatigue behaviour of Si-Mn spring steel

Derivation of a formula to predict the load-deflection characteristics of a conical spring

A study of the effect of lubricants on the free length tolerance of springs coiled from polished stainless steel

Statistical analysis of fatigue data produced from compression springs

Survey of quality as-received raw materials

An investigation into the effect of warm coiling using electrical resistance heating

Wet grinding of small carbon steel compression springs

Measurement of springs

The effect of strain peening on the fatigue properties of helical compression springs made from pre-hardened and tempered carbon steel wire

On the optimisation of shot peening for compression springs

The fatigue and relaxation behaviour of helical compression springs coiled from Type 301 hard drawn stainless steel wire

Metrication in the spring industry

The hydrogen embrittlement of electro-plated high tensile steels and methods of prevention