Techspring Reports

8 – Torsion Spring Fatigue Performance

23 – Finite Element Analysis of Spring Clip Supplied by Metalpol

A – Identification of Software Features and Implementation into Toolkit

16 – Push-Pull Springs

19 – Speed of Testing

6 – Effect of Speed of Loading on Fatigue Life

2 – The Effect of Initial Tension Stress on Extension Spring Elastic Limit

24a – The Effect of Stress Relief Temperature on Stainless Steel Spring Fatigue Tests

13a – Fatigue Testing of Torsion Springs

13 – Fatigue Testing of Torsion Springs

3 – Effect of Shpt Peening on Stainless Steel Extension Springs

15 – End Coil Failures

4a – Effect of Prestressing on Fatigue Life

20a – Use of Strain Gauges to Measure Dynamic Stresses in Springs

20b – Non Axial Resonances in Compression Springs

20c – Use of Strain Gauges to Measure Static Stresses in Torsion Springs

11 – Extension Springs

1 – Effect of End Loop Size on Fatigue Life

22 – Finite Element Analysis of a Spring Supplied by TSL Turton Ltd

B – Stress Analysis Methods for Springs